Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Pig Roast

Howdy everybody! I am taking a break from the Pig Roast at church right now. I brought Maizy, my horse, for the pony rides, but she was acting up. So we put her in time-out, where she is now. She is noramlly the sweetest horse you could ever find, but today she is having spazems, probably b/c of all the flags, people, and it's a whole different place than home. She's just not used to it, that's all. When I get home, I'm going to run her until she is about to fall over! (Not really, that wouldn't be very nice! But she WILL be pooped out, that's for sure!) I have nothing else ot write about, so I'm done for now!
~Em~ :o)

Friday, June 25, 2004


Tonight was the last night of VBS. We had all sorts of fun, like playing games, going swimming, having a (very confusing, might I say) Road Rally, and a cookout. My favorite part was Game Night, which is really odd b/c I normally despise games. It was a blast though, and I still have a burn from that big bouncy thing! Tonight, tons of the kids got blasted w/ shaving cream. They had to get hosed off, and it was cold outside! I avoided the mess, praise the Lord! Anyways, I know that this is a boring post, but I didn't like my last one, so I was willing to write anything in its place!!!
Em out. (That's what Ryan Seacrest always says at the end of his show. You gotta love that guy - he's hot!)
~Em~ :o)

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